a bit about me:

I am strongly of the opinion that access to electricity and the energy services it provides is a fundamental human right. The electric power grid is the supreme engineering achievement of the twentieth century. It is the foundation upon which modern life stands and is a prerequisite for societal development.


This makes the current challenges facing the electric industry quite daunting. To decarbonize the power industry and avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change will require the most drastic overhaul that any industry has ever experienced in a remarkably short time.


To successfully achieve this goal will require the design and deployment of a multiplicity of answers to problems in a diverse array of contexts: engineering, economics, social, and legal. Navigating this complex solution space requires an intimate knowledge of the electricity system at the intersection of society and technology.


This is the multidisciplinary research space that I call home. My work has focused on modelling and understanding the electric power grid and energy services within society, seeking to identify novel solutions to the dilemma of our time. Please take a look around this website to learn more about my work and if you have any questions do not hesitate to make contact.


Thank You!